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Figo Pet Insurance

Scaling a multi-channel paid media strategy for one of the world's largest pet insurance providers.

The Client

As one of the world's largest provider of innovative pet insurance plans, Figo offers comprehensive coverage for beloved pets across the United States. With a commitment to simplifying the pet insurance process and providing unparalleled customer service, Figo has established itself as a trusted partner for pet owners seeking peace of mind and financial security.


  • Optimize and expand Figo's existing paid media efforts

  • Introduce new advertising channels (search, social, programmatic)

  • Manage an increased media spend of over 800%

  • Increase customer acquisitions while lowering CPAs

  • Capitalize on paid search opportunities to outperform competitors



  • Paid Search: Google Ads, Bing Ads

  • Paid Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube

  • Programmatic: Display and video

  • Analytics: Google Data Studio

Our Approach

To accomplish these objectives, 26/26 Consulting adopted a strategic approach focused on diversifying Figo's advertising channels while ensuring minimal disruption to existing campaigns. In brief, these efforts included:

  • Performed an in-depth audit of Figo's existing search and social efforts; re-structured and optimized campaigns to establish a strong infrastructure built to scale.

  • Introduced new channels to Figo's paid media strategy—TikTok, YouTube, Bing, Programmatic Display, and Programmatic Video—to spread the budget effectively and mitigate the risk of upsetting ad algorithms.

  • Conducted extensive A/B testing on all campaign assets and incorporated findings to guide future targeting strategies, graphic and video design and copywriting.

  • Meticulously managed Figo's current platforms, implementing optimizations and conducting tests to maximize performance and drive down costs.

  • Built a fully custom analytics dashboard that displayed key metrics in real time, which further enabled us to optimize campaigns across all channels.

The Results

By combining a proactive approach to campaign management with a calculated expansion strategy, 26/26 Digital successfully positioned Figo Pet Insurance not only drove significant growth and revenue for Figo, but also established a model for lasting success in the highly competitive pet insurance market.


Increase in purchases on paid search channels.


Average increase in sales across social media platforms, including a 536% increase on Snapchat, alone.


Increase in customer leads (insurance quote requests) on paid search.


Decrease in average cost-per-purchase across search and social.

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